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It was about March of last year (2011) that one of our chicks, a beautifully marked pied grey green hen, got savagely attacked by her mother. The damage was horrific, so bad that I decided not to post photos on the web and even considered euthanasia. She had been scalped, half her beak broke off and her cere gone. This is her on the right, days before the attack

But with antiseptic wipes and “sudocrem” we nursed her back to health ,she was given the name "Precious"by my wife and she bravely made an almost full recovery. she is now  fully feathered with a slightly twisted beak but sadly the cere never grew back. She is one of the happiest birds in the aviary and one of the only ones that will readily perch on our fingers.
I know some will say we should have put her out of her misery, but this is her now and if you saw her you would agree that she deserved a chance and hopefully she’ll have a few happy years ahead.
In November she paired up with a lovely cobalt cock bird of about the same age, and although we were unsure if she would be able to feed chicks with her “odd” shape beak we put them in a breeding cage and introduced a nest box.
Well, she managed seven eggs of which the first two were clear but the third hatched and it was a great relief to see food in that chicks crop.
As of today 3rd January 2012 she has 4 healthy chicks and another egg yet to hatch. So far she is doing a great job as a mother.
Watch this space for updates.


A photo of "Precious" with her fella.

January 11, 2012:- fifth egg did'nt hatch , but four chicks doing well , youngest looks like a pied.

January 21, 2012:- two blues and two greys , surprisingly no pied's.

February 5, 2012:-Precious has done a great job raising her chicks (2 greys,a sky blue and a cobalt) and is now laying her second round eggs

March 4, 2012. Precious is now busy raising her second round , 5 chicks this time.

March 19, 2012. some beauties here now including a lovely pied grey,a opaline cobalt , two sky blues and a normal grey green.

they're doing a great job and as long as they stay fit and in good condition , may let them have a third round

After nearly five months, Precious and her partner are  now back in the flight enjoying a well-deserved rest after doing a fantastic job of raising nine chicks over two rounds.
They certainly seem to be enjoying the space, the sun and even the rain.
The pied grey in the photo above took quite a shine to Cath and is now the newest member of the O’connor family

Meet "Marley"

Sadly Precious passed away in may 2015

but many of her chicks live on, including Marley who is now a fine 3yr old



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