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As this is still pretty new to us our feeding regime is continuously


At the moment the main bulk of our feed is “Country Wide” 50/50 best budgie. In addition to this all our birds are offered dry groats on a daily basis. Millet sprays are supplied daily in the nursery cage and any breeding cage with chicks, and once or twice a week to others.

All our birds are given softfood daily  which has “EMP Egg food”as its main ingredient, to this we add a few groats , a small amount of “Pro mix +” and either grated carrot or apple, a small amount of garlic powder is occasionally added to this mix
All birds are supplied with cuttle bone and have a constant supply of fine oyster shell grit
Avian ultimate is offered in finger drawers and toped up when required.

Obviously fresh water is supplied daily, with calcavet calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement added once or twice a week.
As I have already mentioned, this is only our second year, so if you think our birds are missing out on anything due to our feeding regime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and advise us.

Thank you

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